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 LED optical beauty series is an innovative beauty product. The medical data shows that specific wavelengths of light can achieve cosmetic results. Long-term use of such optical product can have the same effect as cosmetic laser treatments but without any side effect. Dr. Lumen LED optical beauty product can be used with the traditional facial masks and will improve skin’s absorption of traditional skin care products.

Blue LED Face Mask - acne suppression, acne damage repair

Effectively reduce infections, inflammation, and the chance of acne scars caused by wounds. Special wavelength of the blue light can quickly metabolize bilirubin in the blood and cause skin brightness. The blue light stimulates pupils which improves concentration and brain activity. It also accelerates the body's discharge of melatonin (mainly for sleepiness), which improves the jet lag for long distance travelers.
Dr Lumen LED Beautician
NASA medical experiments have demonstrated that the red light at the wavelength of 633-660nm increases the collagen production five times on human cells. Dr. Lumen LED Face Mask is designed to effectively improve skin cells collagen production and reduce skin roughness, wrinkles and inflammation caused by acne.
Laboratory Studies confirm certain optical wavelength improves the skin cell growth rate by 150% -200%. More than 40 years of independent studies also shows the red LED light is beneficial to the growth of skin cells. Visible and infrared red light has been proven to have a good improvement on skin deep layers. Red light at 630-660nm wavelength can penetrate the skin to a depth of 8-10mm. This improves the skin wounds, cuts and scars.
Clinical Reports show LED photon absorbed by the skin will have the biological reaction, and different wavelengths of light will produce unique effect. Red light at 630-660nm wavelength promotes the aerobic respiration of the skin and improves blood circulation, and provides energy to accelerate wound healing. Photon absorbed by the skin to process biological changes in the body in clinical practice is called Photo-Bio-Modulation. Blue light at 460nm wavelength has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of acne bacterial infection. It reduces inflammation and the chance of scars caused by acne wounds.

acne suppression, acne damage repair
Scientific research reveals that light energy at specific frequencies can actually stimulate specific physiological functions of the skin, and low-energy light technology like LED (Light Emitting Diodes) can also deliver sufficient energy to stimulate a response from the skin to heal damaged cells. It is commonly known that the red light is particularly effective with inflammation and anti-aging.
The BLUE LED LIGHT - Inhibiting bacteria of facial acne wound to breed effectively, reducing the possibilities of causing acne wound scars and lightening skin inflammation; especially effective to skin injury caused by inflammatory acne; with special blue light source, promoting the skin to metabolize those metabolic waste which darken the skin such as bilirubin in the blood in order to brighten our skin and by pupil stimulation, improving concentration and brain activity and removing melatonin, main cause to somnolence, more quickly, which can help long-distance travelers or those who lead a life day and night reversed to adjust time difference.

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Image description
An anti-free radical booster system formulated with the
potent antioxidant properties of Ferulic Acid and Micromerol™ in synergy with gentle exfoliating
and rejuvenating extracts. These anti-oxidants will remain in the skin for a period of time to combat incoming free radicals from external sources.

Formulated with a potent, antioxidant blend:
+ Ferulic Acid  + Micromerol™  + Fruit extracts
+ Peptides  + Vitamins A, C + E

+ Protects and rejuvenates
+ Effective anti-aging and depigmentation actions
+ Improves skin texture, cellular renewal and opitmizes ceramide hydration levels
+ Helps to reduce pore size and improve the appearance of postblemish scarring
+ Promotes skin clarity and luminosity
+ No irritation, itching or burning
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Senses Beauty 2016 Promotion

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A gentle, effective professional salon resurfacing program to help reduce signs of aging, blemishes and dullness and restore skin clarity and radiance.
- Most cost effective and most important complete
care element
- For ALL SKIN TYPES including sensitive skin
- 100% of users saw improvement in fine lines and wrinkles
- 95% of users saw more even skin tone texture and radiance
* Above results are percentages the of respondents reported in the trial
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