Monday, August 31, 2015

Define colour and highlight with Motives® pressed eye shadow | available at ☰ Shop Online & Earn Cashback ☰ Contact Angeline +65-86866072 NOW

Achieve a beautiful, professional look with Motives® Pressed Eye Shadow.

Each shade is carefully crafted for a crease-proof, polished look. Featuring many shades in glitter, matte and pearlised finishes, the possibilities for unique looks are endless! Create your look now... Get special price and eash back once you register your email here

Motives® pressed eye shadow | S$21.25  
Define colour and highlight with Motives® pressed eye shadow 

Cappuccino | Code: SG103MES
Whipped Cream | Code: SG104MES
Steel | Code: SG105MES
Gold Rush | Code: SG109MES
Midnight | Code: SG118MES
Vintage Glam | Code: SG119MES
Antique Gold | Code: SG121MES
Platinum | Code: SG123MES
Sequins | Code: SG124MES
Crystal Blue | Code: SG125MES
Vino | Code: SG127MES
Green Apple | Code: SG134MES
Fantasy | Code: SG135MES
Bedroom Eyes | Code: SG138MES
Pink Diamond | Code: SG139MES
Pearl | Code: SG140MES
Sweet Plum | Code: SG146MES
Glamour | Code: SG163MES
Blizzard | Code: SG164MES
Twilight | Code: SG165MES
Heiress | Code: SG168MES
Aphrodite | Code: SG175MES

Contact Angeline +65-86866072 / BUY now at special price and get eash back once you register your email

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